Simple brioche with raisins and pastry creams

I use brioche baking recipe with raisins and pastry cream. Read the entire recipe first, this bread

should be cooled all night. My guess is to allow butter and eggs to be absorbed in the flour.

     Processing time: 260 minutes

     Cooking time: 25 minutes

     The above mentioned amounts are for : 4 persons

Simple brioche with raisins and pastry creams
Simple brioche with raisins and pastry creams

 Ingredients for Brioche Raisins

     📍     500 g of Flour.

     📍     1 Teaspoon Salt.

     📍     1 Tablespoon and a Half of instant Bread yeast.

     📍     5 Eggs.

     📍     50 g of Sugar.

     📍     100 mL of warm Milk.

     📍     250 g of Butter

How to prepare Brioche Bread with Raisins

    Put the flour with salt, sugar in the dough and mix them together, then add the milk and instant

        baking yeast.

     Add the eggs one by one and continue kneading the ingredients together for about ten to fifteen

        minutes, until the dough texture becomes somewhat sticky.

     Divide the dough into two parts, and add the full amount of butter to the first section, knead the

        dough with butter well.

     Add the second part of the dough to the first section, and continue kneading until the dough

        becomes firm and does not stick to the bottom of the dough.

     Put the dough in a bowl, cover the bowl and leave it in a warm place to ferment and double its


   ➤  Take the dough out by hand without kneading it, put it in a bowl and cover it, and put it in the

         refrigerator for a period of at least four hours.

Ingredients and phases of Pastry Cream 

  ❌   Ingredients for the preparation of Pastry Cream

        📍    250 ml of Milk.

        📍    1 Egg.

        📍    50 g of Sugar.

        📍    1 Teaspoon of Vanilla.

        📍    30 g of Starch.

        📍    100 g of Raisins Soaked in Blossom Water.

        📍    1 Egg (for Dough)

❌ Steps of preparation of the Cream Pastry

        Put the milk in a saucepan over the fire, leave it to boil and then whisk the eggs with sugar,

            vanilla, until the size of the eggs is doubled, the starch is added and whisk a little to mix with

            the eggs and sugar.

        Add the milk over the egg and starch mixture and mix well, then pour over the remaining


        Mix all the ingredients on the fire and continue to whisk by hand whisk until the mixture is


        Remove the pot from the fire, empty it in a bowl, and set aside to cool before using.

Simple brioche with raisins and pastry creams
Simple brioche with raisins and pastry creams

  Preparing Brioche Bread with Raisins and Cream Pastry

        Remove the brioche paste from the refrigerator, and spread it on a floured rectangular table.

        Spread the dough with a layer of batsir cream, and sprinkle the raisins soaked in blossom

           waterover it. Roll the dough on itself, then divide it into strips.

        Put the dough pieces in a tray covered with wax paper, and place the tray in a warm and moist

            place to be fermented and doubled in size.

        Grease the dough with a whipped egg with a little milk.

        Bake the dough in a 200 ° C preheated oven for 20 minutes.

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