Brioche Bread with raisins and cream

My brioche bread recipe is made with a yeast dough enriched with eggs and butter which is very

soft, but moist and perfect. Serve it like brioches for dinner. If you have leftovers, which is unlikely,

use it to make bread pudding.

I hope my detailed guide and tutorial will eliminate the bullying of working with yeast dough and

allow you to cook with joy.

Brioche bread with raisins and cream
Brioche Bread with raisins and Cream

Ingredients for preparing Brioche raisins and cream

📍  500 g of all-purpose Flour.

📍  40 g of Sugar.

📍  ¼ Liters  of Warm Liquid Milk.

📍  Tablespoon of Baking Yeast.

📍  2 or 3 Eggs, depending on Size.

📍  100 Melted Butter at room temperature.

📍  Cake tray greased and Sprinkled with flour.

How to prepare Brioche with raisins and cream

   Place the eggs in a small bowl and whisk lightly with a fork.

   Place the flour, sugar, and yeast in the mixer bowl, add the scrambled eggs, and whisk all of the

       ingredients together.

   Add butter and salt to the dough, and gradually add milk while continuing to knead.

   Knead the dough for about fifteen minutes, cover it and leave it in a warm place until it is

       brewed and doubles in size.

   Form the dough by hand in the form of small balls and place them in a tray lined with ghee and

       flour, or put them whole on the cake tray.

   Leave the dough again for brewing and double its size. Grease the dough face with scrambled

       eggs with a little milk and sugar.

   Bake the dough in a hot oven at a temperature of about 220 degrees Celsius for a period of

        twenty to twenty five minutes.

  Take the bread out of the oven and set it aside to cool slightly.

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