How to prepare crepe with chicken shawarma

There are many and many crepe preparation methods, some of which are sweet, including savory 

(spicy), and today we offer an easy and fast cooking recipe. Here is the crepe with chicken shawarma 

in a few simple steps. You can also try the method of preparing the main chicken shawarma dressing.

How to prepare crepe with chicken shawarma
crepe with chicken shawarma

Preparation time : 25 minutes

Cooking time: 35 minutes

Ingredients are enough for: 4 peoples

Ingredients for preparing a chicken shawarma crepe

📍   1 Cup of flour

📍   ¼ Cup of Milk

📍   1 Egg

📍   Tablespoon of Oil

📍   Sprinkle with Salt

📍   Small hanging

📍   Sugar

📍   Amount of Filling

📍   200 g Cooked Chicken Shawarma

📍   Olive

📍   Ketchup Mayonnaise

How to prepare Crepe with Chicken Shawarma

   Whisk eggs well in an electric mixer with salt, sugar and oil

   Add all remaining ingredients and mix until smooth

   In a non-stick frying pan greased the oil of a spoonful of the mixture, fry both sides until fully

       done (get the golden color)

   Repeat the previous two steps until you have finished all of the mixture

       How to prepare the filling:

   Cut the olives into small pieces

   In a non-stick frying pan, put a little oil and heat it

   Add the chicken and olives, and stir

   Season them with salt and pepper to your liking

   Leave the pan until fully cooked

   Lift the pan from the heat

   Spread the crepe and smear it with a mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup

   Stuff it with the shawarma mixture, then close it in a semicircle.

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