Easy way to prepare Italian pizza

The pizza is considered one of the most delicious dishes and one of the most easy to prepare as well,

and this is why people prefer it and eat it constantly.

The traditional way to prepare Italian pizza
The traditional way to prepare Italian pizza

The pizza was combined with the Italian cuisine that he mastered with its preparation, and added

aesthetic touches to it, and very wonderful flavors that made it a distinct food at all levels.

The pizza consists mainly of dough and what is placed on top of it, and the components of the pizza

have varied and varied, except that there are some main and mostly fixed ingredients such as cheese

and sauce, and the dough remains the basis of the Italian pizza.

Here's how to prepare an Italian pizza and its dough.

Ingredients for preparing Italian pizza dough

📍   4 cups of flour.

📍   Pinch of salt.

📍   1/2 cup olive oil.

📍   1 tablespoon of sugar.

📍   1 cup of warm liquid milk.

📍   1/2 cup olive oil.

📍   1 tablespoon of yeast.

The ingredients for preparing the Italian pizza filling

📍   1 cup of grated cheese.

📍   1/4 cup chopped mushrooms.

📍   Slices of sweet pepper.

📍   A little thyme.

📍   4 tablespoons of pizza sauce.

📍   1/4 cup of chopped olives.

The traditional method of preparing pizza dough

➤   First we start preparing the dough, where we dissolve our yeast with sugar in warm water by one

       cup, and leave it for a period of time until it reacts.

➤   We put the flour in a large bowl, add milk and oil to it, stir the ingredients, then put all of the

        sugar, salt, and yeast, and start kneading these ingredients together for a period of five minutes.

➤   Make a ball of dough, then cover it with a clean piece of fabric, and put it in a warm place for an

       hour to an hour and a half

➤   We start spreading the dough in a tray until it becomes circular in shape, then spread the pizza

       sauce on it, and distribute the filling components smoothly, then sprinkle both cheese and thyme,

➤   Then bake the pizza for thirty minutes in the oven, then take it out, and serve it either hot or cold

       (as desired).

Various ideas for pizza sauces

⏩    pizza sauce with mozzarella cheese and sliced ​​tomato slices, with fresh basil leaves

⏩    pizza sauce with sausage pieces, mozzarella cheese.

    pizza sauce with garlic powder, salami slices, and mozzarella cheese.

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