Ginger and turmeric tea recipe

Ginger and turmeric tea recipe
Ginger and turmeric tea recipe 

We will present to you in this topic a recipe for ginger and turmeric tea that has

proven effective ineliminating excess weight and eliminating accumulated fat in the body, thanks to

its components thatcontribute to burning calories instantly and dissolving the fat of different areas of

the body. Ginger and turmeric tea recipe to get rid of extra weight and cleanse the body of toxins!

Many people gain weight because of unhealthy eating habits, including eating late at night, and

savoring delicious, fatty, fried dishes, which makes them gain some weight and makes it difficult for

them to get rid of them easily.

This Tea consists of:

Turmeric, which removes fats by stimulating the digestion process, also helps cells absorb glucose

in the body and is recommended because it stimulates the fat cells to enhance the elimination of fats.

Ginger, whose active ingredients help to speed up the metabolism and thus burn fat easily, and its

anti-inflammatory properties work to calm the digestive system and get rid of toxins.

How to make Ginger and Turmeric Tea

📍   2 Teaspoons of Turmeric Powder (10 g)

📍   2Tablespoons of Ginger (30 g)

📍   1 Tablespoon Honey (25 g)

📍   2 Cups Water (500 ml)

Peel the ginger and skin, then put it in the water to boil over the fire a little, then filter it, add

turmeric and honey and drink two cups of it daily before eating, and it is best that you do exercise or

walk until you help your body get rid of fat faster.

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